Den Hemmelige (medie) Krig - repolitisering af den danske trykte presse?

Lea Kirstine Gindin & Nicole Nordin

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Specialet sætter ud for at undersøge, om Stig Hjarvards tese om repolitisering af den danske trykte presse, kan siges at være underbygget i dækningen af dokumentarfilmen "Den Hemmelige Krig" The media - ever changing – play a key role in democratic societies. Not least, because they serve as a line of communication between politicians and citizens. Thus, it is of great interest how the media function and to what standard they hold themselves. Professor and media scientist Stig Hjarvard proposes that the Danish press has undergone a repoliticization, meaning that the papers’ political opinions are no longer confined to editorials and debate pages, but is in fact expressed in for instance the news. The thesis “The Secret (media) War – repoliticization of the Danish press?” is a case study focusing on a content analysis of five Danish daily newspapers’ coverage of the documentary “The Secret War”. Left- and right-wing arguments have been identified to show which political views have dominated the coverage of each paper. In this way, the thesis seeks to determine what has characterised the printed press’ coverage and to what extend this coverage can be considered a verification of Stig Hjarvard’s theory. The analysis has shown that the overall coverage was dominated by right-wing arguments and articles. Apart from this the majority of the articles were dominated by the papers’ political views and hence the theory of repoliticization is verified in this thesis.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato10 jan. 2009
VejledereMark Blach-Ørsten


  • Holdningsbårede nyheder
  • Repolitisering
  • Omnibusidealet
  • Nyhedsavisen
  • Den trykte presse
  • Dagblade
  • Nyhedsjournalistik
  • Den Hemmelige Krig