Den Destruktive Skam

Martin Grønne, Ida Dam Juutilainen, Mathias Bondo Kim, Rasmus Thorup & Lulu Roos

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


The following paper seeks to unveil the different theories in regards to the feeling and phenomenon of ‘shame’, in relation to the action ‘murder-suicide’, based on the research and explanation carried out in the book ‘Mord-selvmord i nære relasjoner’. Murder-suicide is the action in which the subject feels overwhelmed which drives the subject to kill his family, because of its shame eliciting role, and the subsequent suicide provoked by the shame triggered in the murder. The project does this by first clarifying shame in regards to the chosen theories about shame in a philosophical and psychological perspective. This is done to illuminate the different approaches and understandings about shame, to further delve into an analysis of a constructed case character Erik, developed on the basis of the information given in ‘Mord-selvmord i nære relasjoner’ which connects shame to murder-suicides. This leads the project to a theoretically scientific discussion about shame as a scientific subject and the cross disciplinary approach to shame. This paper concludes that the theories used in the analysis, indeed do shed a light on the psychological thought patterns that drive a person to murder-suicide. This is evident in the understandings presented in the paper in regards to parental imago, self-limitation, a fractured self and intentionality etc. Furthermore that in regards to the philosophical understandings of heteronomy, autonomy and moral/values, these terms often blend and mix with psychological terms, even though the philosophical understanding is more objectively related to shame, rather than the psychological, more internalized, understanding of shame. This leads to a conclusion about the nature of shame. How shame is relative in it’s substance and how that affects the nature of the projects scientific approach. The relativity of shame creates the cross-disciplinary and postmodern character of the survey.

UddannelserBasis - Humanistisk Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato15 dec. 2013
VejledereKlaus Frovin


  • Skam
  • Lulu Roos
  • Parforhold
  • Selvmord
  • Gustav Wik
  • Kim
  • Det mørke norge
  • Mord
  • Mord-selvmord
  • Tværfaglighed
  • Thorup
  • Følelser
  • Grønne
  • In Defense Of Shame
  • Filosofi
  • Psykologi
  • Den vrede hvide mand
  • Juutilainen