Deltagelse, læring og innovation i organisationer: ...

Simon Skårhøj

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


The thesis explores how employee participation in and between community of practices enables learning processes which supports innovation. In addition, the thesis explores the significance of organisational and designed structures in enabling participation.
Learning and innovation has become more important for today’s companies and organisations. Employees cannot rely on a formal education throughout their career. They will constantly have to learn and relearn to keep up the pace of new requirements and change in their organisations.
The more central role of learning in today’s organisations necessitates a better understanding of how employee participation in learning and organisational design intersects. The thesis applies a social learning perspective based on Etienne Wenger’s work on community of practice and Lotte Darsø’s developments within innovation and innovation pedagogic.
Through a case study from the Danish development and humanitarian NGO, DanChurchAid, the thesis explores the underlying communities, how they engaged in learning and innovation and how organisational design influences the employee’s participation in community of practice. The case study derives from my own practice in DanChurchAid and is thus a combined research and practice research study.
The thesis finds that a community of practice perspective offers valuable insights into the underlying learning structures, which are not necessary visible in the formal structures and systems but important for the employee’s work in the organisations. It is evident that learning takes place in negotiation of meaning between their community of practice and the interaction with other communities, but the interaction or new knowledge does not automatically lead to innovation. Designed structures plays an important role in supporting the communities to priorities time for more explorative learning environments.

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 sep. 2017
Antal sider57
VejledereKatia Dupret