De fornuftige dopingbrugere

Henrik Temberg Larsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Problem area: This thesis aims to investigate how drug users who use the internet site establish a personal narrative that is reasonable in relation to the recreational use of doping substances. This is interesting since they relate to a unique Danish legislation regarding the use of doping. is Danish variant of foreign user-based information forums, advocating the use of doping substances. The aim of this thesis is also to shad a light on how the Internet, through a website like, can get doping users to establish a narrative of themselves as reasonable users of doping. Method: The findings of this thesis are based on qualitative interviews with five doping users who have been recruited through the website Based on Michel Foucault's theory of powertechnologies and subjectification, the discourses of the doping users is analyzed through discourse analysis. This method has been chosen to clarify how the acceptance of certain positions subjectifies the doping users and consolidate their personal narratives. Based on Manuel Castells theories about networking and social movements, this thesis will discuss which possibilities the Internet presents doping users for, in relation to the personal narratives of the doping users. Conclusion: The doping users on establish personal narratives through the discourses they accept and thereby are subjectified to. This thesis finds, that the doping users are made subject, according primarily to three discourse formations: 1. They are made subject through a tale of normality. By defining how they implement their approach to serious diet, exercise and use of doping, they are differentiating themselves from normality, but at the same time they must exercise self control to be able to occupy positions in relation to this normality. 2. They are made subject through an tale of themselves as rational doping users. They are able to use doping substances, diet and exercise, in a legitimate and correct manner. This discourse is used to legitimize their own use of doping, but also to distance themselves from the doping users who departs from this ideal. 3. They are made subject through a tale of official incompetence. They stand in opposition to the health care system and Antidoping Denmark due to the visibility of the control, which makes it easy to reject and oppose. This opposition is part of their personal narratives, as they offer advice and help for eachother. Musclezone presents a special opportunity through which doping users can establish alternative networks, which can facilitate the behavioral control of doping use that the authorities are not able to. The doping users control the behavior of eachother through positive power technologies through This self-control aims at a specific ideal of health as well as a hope of legalization, through which they establish a personal narrative of themselves as reasonable users of doping.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato20 maj 2015
VejlederePernille Almlund