Dark Sky Møn - en æstetisk rammesætning

Kira Lambert Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Dark Sky is a term, that refers to a very dark night sky, where there is no light pollution and where the stars are visible. The Dark Sky-certification is awarded by IDA (International Dark Sky Association), to places and communities around the world, who are fighting against light pollution. This thesis is based on the certification of Møn as an International Dark Sky Park. Since the award was received in 2017, Dark Sky Møn has become a brand, taken over by the business life at Møn and used as a strategic marketing tool to increase the attraction and tourism to the island. Within the framework of the Performance design discipline, this thesis is especially concerned with Dark Sky Møn, as a way to stage and frame the natural world as an experience. The thesis seeks to examine the following problem: How can Dark Sky Møn be seen as a staging of the starry night sky and what characterizes this aesthetic experience? The study of this problem is constructed as a two-part case study that has sought to examine the Dark Sky Møn-experience from two different angles. First, Case 1: Dark Sky Day 2018, which sought to investigate the Dark Sky Møn-experience within the frame of an organized event. Second, Case 2: The Dark Sky-experience on your own, which sought to investigate the more impulsive and lonesome experience of the phenomenon. The study methods were chosen based on the thesis' phenomenological starting point and include both autoethnography, participant observation, and the semi-structured interview. The data from the case studies were analysed using different theoretical perspectives on staging and aesthetic influence. Including the concepts of the sublime, environmental performance, liveness, the ambient and the atmospheric. The results of the analysis show that, Dark Sky Møn, is a staging that not only seeks to stage the starry night sky, but also the night as a whole. A complex framework of an environmental performance which occupies different positions and roles resulting in many different influences. Including, for example, the difference between stress and calmness, contributing to a greater sense of consciousness, an intensified attention to our environment, reflections of various kinds, and a greater self-insight. This thesis therefore concludes that Dark Sky Møn is an aesthetic staging, of a very complex phenomenon that has many deeper layers and which possibly is too broad and too indefinable to communicate to visitors, tourists and locals. At the same time, Dark Sky is a broad phenomenon to claim, since the night sky is all over. Therefore, the discussion of this thesis revolves around the question of, whether the Dark Sky phenomenon loses a bit of its potential if it has to fit in as a strategic marketing tool, and how to find the right balance between doing something for the benefit of the environment, for the aesthetic pleasure or for the financial gain.

UddannelserPerformance-design, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato31 mar. 2019
Antal sider83
VejledereUlrik Schmidt


  • performance design
  • iscenesættelse
  • æstetik
  • atmosfære
  • det ambiente
  • liveness
  • framing
  • møn
  • dark sky
  • turisme
  • environmental performance