Dansk pædagogik i en fremmed kontekst

Marie Raasthøj Hansen, Klaus Moseholm, Laura Teisner Pedersen, Emilie Schnoor Hansen, Forum Sørensen & Emma Amalie

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


The project takes departure in uncovering the challenges, which may arise in the cultural encounter which a Danish student teacher faces, upon participating in work placement in a third world coun-try. In connection to this, the primary source of empirical data will be interviews with two student teachers, whom, in the course of their studies, have been teaching respectively in Nepal and in the Philippines. Upon this basis an analysis has been constructed, which investigates how the shift in context influences the Danish pedagogical understanding. Through this analysis, it will be reviled whether an understanding of Danish pedagogy as being more sufficient, is articulated by the inter-view subjects. As this project accepts a post-structuralist approach to the analysis, different theorists, such as Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau, will be put into play, as it is shown what discourses are reviled during a cultural encounter evolving around education. Conclusive, it is uncovered how difficult it was for the interviewees to disregard their normative perception of Danish pedagogy before, during and after the encounter with another pedagogical discourse, and furthermore how the interviewees had to adapt their methodological use of pedagogy in relation to the context and the culture they were in.

UddannelserPædagogik og Uddannelsesstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato9 jun. 2011
VejledereUlla Ambrosius Madsen


  • Kulturmøde
  • kontekstskift
  • lærere
  • Pædagogik
  • Diskursanalyse
  • poststruktualisme