Danmarks Domstole som praktikplads - rekrutteringsmuligheder ved employer branding

Troels Jeppesen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


In this thesis the focus is to identify which messages the governmental institution “The Courts of Denmark” needs to incorporate and emphasize in an effort to recruit office apprentices by means of an approach to an employer brand that seeks to balance the target group’s expectations towards a potential employer, with the image and reality of said institution/employer. It also focuses on which circumstances “The Courts of Denmark” needs to take into consideration in the preparation of messages regarding the promotion and communication of a potential employer brand, to the chosen target group: potential office apprentices. By combining two different approaches to employer branding, I seek to develop a theoretical framework that analyzes on aspects of an organizations vision, image, reality and the expectations of a chosen target group, to find the best possible messages for an employer brand, and I find a set of norms by which to prioritize the possible messages. I then apply the theoretical framework in an analysis of; which messages that exist, as possible focus areas, for an employer brand, for “The Courts of Denmark”. And using the found norms, I then examine which messages that needs to be incorporated and emphasized. I then analyze different aspects of the target group such as motivation, current life situation and their use of media, in their search of possible apprenticeships, including the current apprentice’s recommendations with regard to what they suggest “The Courts of Denmark” should do in the future, when advertising vacant apprenticeships. All of this helps me to determine which circumstances “The Courts of Denmark” needs to take into consideration in the preparation of communicating a chosen employer brad. As a result of the first analyses I conclude that “The Courts of Denmark’s” most important asset in regard to establishing potential employer brand is the message, and perceived image and reality of the possible and existing office apprentices that; “The Courts of Denmark” holds a central position in the Danish legal system, which conveys the opinion that an apprentischip within “The Courts of Denmark” is the potentially best education within the Danish legal system. A massage that translates directly into what the target group is looking for in regards to an employer. In accordens to the target group analyses, I find that the most important aspect of the communication to potential office apprentices is the, at the moment non-existing, promotion of “The Courts of Denmark” as a place that takes on and educates office apprentices

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato29 okt. 2008
VejledereYngve Søndergaard


  • employer branding
  • The Courts of Denmark
  • empirisk analyse
  • Kvantitative og kvalitative metoder
  • Målgruppeanalyse
  • Danmarks Domstole
  • Simon Barrow
  • Sepstrup