Danish Economic Diplomacy

Hinnerk Daniel Frech, Tobias Lanzky & Malte Tue Møller

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


Economic diplomacy has grown in significance within Danish foreign policy. This paper therefore addresses how Danish economic diplomacy can be characterised, contributing to the scarce literature on economic diplomacy in Danish foreign policy. For this purpose, Okano-Heijmans (2013)’s conceptual framework on economic diplomacy and Cerny (1997)’s paradoxical theorisation of the competition state are employed. The analysis is carried out by means of a retroductive methodology, using content analysis as the main research method to analyse official documents and conducted interviews. This study finds, that Danish economic diplomacy is primarily oriented towards commercial interests and goals, which leads to a skewness in the balance of national interests towards the prosperity and business end. One might even go as far as to state, that the characteristics of Danish economic diplomacy inclines the conception of a commercial diplomacy rather than an economic diplomacy. The significance of the data on economic diplomacy in Danish foreign policy has led to the inclusion of a sixth strand of economic diplomacy, namely that of facilitative economic diplomacy. It is found, that this new category is primarily preoccupied with practices facilitating the commercial elements of Danish economic diplomacy. These findings have retroductively paved the way for a further characterisation which sheds light on the paradoxicalities of the case. Pragmatically inspired by the paradoxical theorisation of the competition state, this study has generated three paradoxes of economic diplomacy in Danish foreign policy: invisible facilitation / visible promotion, homogenisation / heterogenisation, and legitimisation / de-legitimisation. In combination, the findings of this study contribute to the juncture of IPE, IR, and Danish foreign policy literature and can be seen as an analytical steppingstone to further analysis on implications of economic diplomacy in foreign policy.

UddannelserInternationale Studier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Antal sider44
VejledereLaust Schouenborg


  • dansk udenrigspolitik
  • udenrigspolitik
  • økonomisk diplomati
  • diplomati
  • konkurrencestaten
  • okano-heijmans
  • kommerciel diplomati
  • danish foreign policy
  • foreign policy
  • economic diplomacy
  • diplomacy
  • competition state
  • commercial diplomacy
  • national interest