Crowdfunding - en opgave om de strategiske fordele ved crowdfunding i filmbranchen

Anders Leifer, Erik Pouret Frydendahl & Mads Kresten Nedergaard

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt


This paper asks the question: What strategic advantages can a given film project obtain by using crowdfunding? Since crowdfunding is not a very well described and researched field, after a general introduction to the phenomenon of crowdfunding, the paper turns to literature on networks and relations (Lars Sandstrøm ao.), co-creation (C.K. Prahalad & Venkat Ramaswamy) and strategic positioning and value-chains (Michael E. Porter) in order to build a theoretical framework. From this basis, the paper performs a case study of the film Iron Sky (Timo Vuorensala, 2012), a Finnish/international feature film project with a production history that incorporated two incidences of crowdfunding (of two different kinds). The case study shows how the filmmakers were able to create and utilize a network of fans to both fund and co-create the development of the film, as well as initiate an early marketing push for the movie, and how this created a core from which the project was later able to find major advantages – both when the last gap in the financing needed to be bridged and later when the film hit the market.

UddannelserMaster i Oplevelsesledelse (MOL), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Udgivelsesdato21 jan. 2014
VejlederePoul Dines


  • Filmindustry
  • Crowdfunding