cphdox.dk - En undersøgelse af svartiders indflydelse på brugeroplevelsen: cphdox.dk - An examination of response times impact on the user experience

Niels Ørbæk Christensen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


In this project I examine how much the response times influence the overall user experience (UX) of the website of Copenhagen documentary film festival CPH:DOX. Response time is the time from a request for a website is sent, until the first response is received, and the website initially had response times around 3,5-5 seconds, but through the optimization that is described in the report, the response times are reduced to around 0,5-1,5 seconds. The project gathers quantifiable data from two rounds of tests conducted with the slower and the faster version of the website respectively, using think-aloud-tests and the “User Experience Questionnaire”. The premise, scale, reliability, and validity of this method is discussed and critiqued in the report. From the data received it is not possible to conclude anything clearly about how the length of the response times influence the user experience, but there is no clear sign that the longer of the two response times make the site less attractive to the users either, which could indicate that the response times are not as important as initially assumed.

UddannelserBasis - Humanistisk-Teknologisk Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato27 jan. 2016
VejledereCarsten Tage Nielsen


  • Attraktivitet
  • Don Norman
  • Response Time
  • Svartid
  • User Experience
  • Website
  • Jakob Nielsen
  • Attractiveness
  • Usability
  • Brugbarhed
  • Brugeroplevelse