Leadership in Startup Business

Sameer Maharjan, Ganesh Karki & Ashish Duwadi

Studenteropgave: Diplomprojekt


Solid Waste management has become serious issue in Kathmandu, Nepal. The effort from government seems to be less effective and disturbed working environment due to plan and policies. Social enterprise is coming up in the society to solve the raising problem of the waste management. They have come-up with the new concept and aim of minimizing the problem of solid waste management. So, we have chosen one of the social enterprise DOKO recyclers, who is currently working on the waste management. This enterprise is based on Kathmandu, Nepal. So, we have chosen Doko as a case company and did research on that organization. It has created digital platform for solving the problem of waste management through proper segregation and providing incentive-based system. So, here we have done single case study, which helps to go on depth. we have used qualitative data like interview as an primary source and secondary like documents etc. interview has been conducted with co-founder Raghavendra Mahto and technical & strategic director Ashma Basnyat from the Doko recyclers. From the taken interview, themes have been created and try to bring them on anlysis part for discussion. Leadership style of Doko recyclers has been figure out and has been discussed in our research project. We have done research how these organization is working and how it is helping the society for building of the socio-economic value. The research has been deeply done how they are creating socio economic value and they measure it. To support it, leadership theories like Transformational theory and for social value, socio economic theory has been used in our project has been analysed. discussion has been critically done and have tried to include the methods and data for the deep discussion. Thus, this project will give idea of social enterprise, creating socio-economic vale and its leadership styles. Also reader can know their process and how they measure impact in the society.

UddannelserSocialt Entreprenørskab og Management, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato19 dec. 2018
Antal sider69
VejledereJennifer Eschweiler