Characterisation of a Novel Antibacterial Compound A22

Shi Wei & Simon Hockenhull

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


#MreB, the actin homolog protein, contributes to determining bacterial cell shape. In particular, recent study indicates that MreB segregates the replication origin of the bacterial chromosome. To investigate the novel antibiotic A22’s influence on MreB we use Caulobacter crescentus as a bacterial target. We characterise the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of A22, examine the effect on the morphology changes and measure the effect on the DNA synthesis rate. Furthermore, we visualise the dynamical rearrangements of GFP-MreB with fluorescence microscope. The results are in agreement with recent research demonstrating MreB as the target for A22.

UddannelserMolekylærbiologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2006


  • A22
  • Caulobacter crescentus
  • cell shape
  • MreB
  • MIC
  • actin homolog protein