Byen som scene

Arendse Noes Jøregensen, Mille Bolund Nielsen & Sissal Christina Fosaa

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


ABSTRACT In this paper we seek to examine, whether or not performative elements can transform a public space and create an interstice for social interaction. Our study has been based on Blegdamsfælleden, a part of Fælledparken in Copenhagen, both because of its qualities and lack of same. Blegdamsfælleden is a large, public, green space with big trees and lampposts, which we can work with. At the same time it appears dark in the evening, which hardly invites for a walk through and for some people certainly not a stay. It’s a public space with monotonous sports activities and we do not believe that it lives up to its potential as a possible recreational area with various forms of interaction. Based on theories, predominantly from a social constructivist perspective, about site-specific art, relational aesthetics, temporary urban spaces and assamblages we develop a concept based on colours and light that gives the park a new visual expression. The intention is to create a new aesthetic experience of Blegdamsfælleden, which can lead to new social opportunities. This shows that urban spaces can more than first thought. At the same time it is an example of how simple elements can give the passer a playful experience in everyday life. In closing, we conclude that we have transformed Blegdamsfælleden temporarily into a more interesting and playful social space. We therefore believe that we have added value to the place and have created a more performative space that show how a relatively functional area can be used as a stage for performative elements. Based on the group's opinion and on the basis of a majority of the observants’ opinions, we conclude that a transformation has taken place in varying degrees. We hope that this report will give other people the desire and inspiration to work with performativity in the city, hence ensuring that urban spaces will develop into exciting places by a collective effort, where we can rediscover each other and explore the options of the city.

UddannelserPerformance-design, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato24 maj 2014


  • Transformation
  • København
  • Blegdamsfælleden
  • Relationel Æstetik
  • Situated Knowledge
  • Sitespecific art
  • Miwon Kwon
  • Byen som scene
  • Midlertidige byrum
  • Assemblage
  • Nicolas Bourriaud
  • Socialkonstruktivisme
  • Situeret viden
  • performative elementer