Byen i bogen: en undersøgelse af stedets betydning og storbymentalitet i Michael Strunges digtning

Tobias Elmsdal Thomsen, Robert Riisager Alskov & Filip Fernando Acosta Harvey

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


In this project, we have tried to examine the importance and use of space in literature, how different environments will affect people differently socially as well as how an emotional or familiar bond to a certain place, affects how the individual experiences the space.
Based on the two poems from Vi folder drømmens faner ud; Cancercola and Natmaskinen by Michael Strunge as well as the work of several theoreticians, the paper seeks to analyse and discuss how a metropolis as a space in literature have been used and described by Michael Strunge as well as how this space influences the characters in the poems.
When analysing the poems by both conventional text analysis and by using the concepts described by Marc Augé and Gerog Simmel, several indicators seem to show a correlation between the attitude of the characters in the poems when located in, what Marc Augé calls non-places and Simmels concept of the blase attitude that inhabitants of a metropolis develop to cope with the massive exposure of impressions in day-to-day life. This blase and distant attitude towards the fellow inhabitants in the metropolis is exaggerated by non-places that does not encourage social relations and therefore increases social and emotional distance between people and that the anthropological spaces that Marc Augé describes, provides the city people with an oasis wherein they freely can blossom and form emotional bonds, for example as seen in the poem Natmaskinen.

UddannelserDansk, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato3 jan. 2018
Antal sider28
VejledereSophie Engberg Sonne


  • strunge, auge, simmel