Befalingsmandens projektkompetencer

Jens Gjærup Have

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt


The Danish army is revising the competency profiles for the group of non-commissioned officers (NCOs ), the military equivalent of a mid level leader. As a result of this a revision of the training courses conducted by Hærens Sergentskole (the Danish Army NCO School) are most likely to follow. These courses support the NCO’s competency development throughout a large part of the career. None of the courses contain a specific project management training program as part of the curriculum. Such a program could be a valued lift in competencies, especially seen in the light of the different organizational positions and duties of the NCOs. This thesis aims to clarify the status of the project management competencies among the senior NCOs working in the Danish defense, those ranked senior sergeants. It seeks to provide an answer to which subjects, within the knowledge areas of project management, that are to be included in an eventual project management training program, in order for it to optimally cover the variety of specialized jobs in the organization. A number of research questions make up the background for an initial literature study and the following analysis of empirical data. The literature study is used to elucidate the concept of competencies, create an overview of similar research within the area, and define the theoretical frame for the study, which is seen to have its foundation in the school within management theories known as the competency school. With basis in a quantitative approach two different surveys were conducted within two groups. An audience consisting of 44 experienced NCOs, all of them former students on the schools advanced course, and secondly a smaller audience consisting of leaders of the aforementioned. The popula-tions, although small in numbers, represent a wide array of authorities and organizations within the Danish defense. The questions in the surveys where based on the project management knowledge areas from Project Management Institute as presented by Bjarne Kousholt (2012). The results stipulate that a lot of project work is conducted within the Danish defense, especially as intangible projects. It also shows that the leaders believe that NCOs lack some competencies in order to be fully capable project managers. Both groups considered the majority of the knowledge areas important and they should for that reason be included in the curriculum of an eventual training program. It is assessed that the results from the study supports the need for a project management program for the experienced NCOs, and clarifies which subjects should be included and prioritized. The study has some limitations concerning reliability as some of the survey questions have been too open for interpretation. For this reason further studies through the use of focus groups should supplement the conclusions of this thesis. This will also aid in developing the composition of the training program and simultaneously complement the work with the competency profiles.

UddannelserMaster i Projektledelse og Procesforbedring (MPF), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Udgivelsesdato23 jun. 2015
VejledereKeld Bødker


  • Project competencies
  • Army
  • Forsvaret
  • Project management
  • Projektkompetencer
  • kompetencemodeller
  • Kompetenceskolen
  • Befalingsmænd
  • Hæren
  • noncommissioned officers