Bæredygtig Sundhedsfremme

Johanne Kartman, Carina Frimann Frederiksen, Linette Niss Eriksen, Nicholas Hove Schmidt & Louise Overgaard Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


This project aims to examine in a critically realistic perspective on how health promotion and sustainable development are articulated in the discursive practice of two selected policy documents from WHO and the Danish Government based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Furthermore the challenges in relation to integrate the regimes health promotion and sustainable development into political strategies, a main focus in Danish context is included.
Mixed methods are used as methodological approach. Critical discourse analysis based on Norman Fairclough has been used as the qualitative element and furthermore the quantitative element is based on data by the Danish Energy Agency, Statistics Denmark and Eurostat.
From the analysis it can be deduced that the dominant discourse in the policy document by WHO, requires a transformation of the approach to the regimes, with concrete proposals for an integrated effort across sectors. Whereas the policy document by the Danish Government reproduces silos of politics without concrete proposals for integrated initiatives.
The discussion is based on a macro perspective and points out that the Danish Government's dominant discourse overshadows the intention of the SDG, which impedes the integration of the regimes. This project shows however that individuals are a part of a global shared responsibility and thus contributes to integrated solutions that aid the whole of humanity.

UddannelserSundhedsfremme og Sundhedsstrategier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Antal sider86
VejledereSacha Manik