Arbejdsmiljøledelse i uformelle rammer - En undersøgelse af en robust sikkerhedskultur i en højt reguleret sektor

Poul Johan Stærmose Madsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The interest of this thesis is to create an insight into and an understanding, of which informal mechanisms can support the formal occupational health and safety management system in a highly regulated sector. This thesis wishes to further a broader understanding of work regarding, work environment, with a focus on relationships rather than implementing additional rules, regulations and procedures. It assumes that an organization can reach a point of saturation, where it cannot accommodate more rules. In order to further strengthen the work environment, the next step could therefore be focusing on the informal framework instead.
The thesis is written in collaboration with Xellia Pharmaceutical as a case study, focusing on their production department. It is within this setting that an investigation of how a robust safety culture can support the occupational health and safety management system, was carried out.
The empirical point of departure in this thesis is qualitative data collected from in-depth semi-structured interviews with seven of Xellia Pharmaceuticals employees, a workshop involving a dialog based, safety oriented boardgame (Robust) between sixteen additional employees, as well as relevant literature. The collected data therefore serves as the foundation for the included analysis, while the theoretical framework consists of regarded theories from the social capital, robustness and safety culture fields
Through the aggregated data, the thesis sheds light upon the causal effect robustness and safety culture have on each other and how it co-creates the basis for a robust safety culture. It furthermore highlights that the organization’s social capital to a large extent is a supporting element in the development of a robust safety culture.
Finally, it was then investigated how a robust safety culture contributes to furthering the occupational health and safety management system. Overall, it concludes that Xellia Pharmaceutical currently have certain challenges it needs to overcome regarding communication and realizations across departments in order to support the informal framework.
However, Xellia Pharmaceutical will most likely benefit from the informal framework to support the formal occupational health and safety management system by strengthening both the relationships and the communication between the departments. Just as initiatives in the formal framework could also support the informal framework.

UddannelserArbejdslivsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2019
Antal sider64
VejledereHenrik Lambrecht Lund