Anima og dyreetik: En kritisk diskussion af argumenter for dyrevelfærd

Jacob Ejdrup Markedal, Lauge Eilsøe-Madsen, Simon Bo Reinholdt Nielsen & Mads Alexander Hviid Poulsen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


Several NGO’s are fighting for animal rights. Animals should be granted rights, they should
not be held in cages and they should not experience the amount of stress and pain they do today.
The very word ‘should’ implies that a change needs to be made. But what should we as
consumers do, and why should we care about animal rights?
In Denmark, the NGO Anima argues that when it comes to the production of food, animals are
treated like machines rather than as living beings. Anima points to several occasions in which
animals in farms experience a great amount of pain and suffering. But what are the ethics of
this NGO and how do they argue for their cause?
On a basis of utilitarianism, Anima argues that animals experience a greater amount of pain
than pleasure. Due to the demand of a tasteful meal thousands of animals are killed off every
day to satisfy humans. This goes to show that animals suffer because of humans. Anima
believes, that the animal’s capacity of feeling pain and their capability of having feelings gives
them a moral status.
In our study we make use of the theories by moral philosophers Peter Singer, Shelly Kagan,
Tom Regan and Roger Crisp. These are used to show how humans treat other races such as
cows, pigs, and chicken differently and worse than other humans. The animals are not given
equal rights, and so they can be treated worse, if there’s an economical benefit to gain.
Anima argues that animals should be given rights in order to minimize the pain and suffering
they go through. There is no need for unnecessary suffering, and so people should eat plantbased
food, rather than create suffering amongst animals and use them as tokens for our own
happiness without caring about the happiness of the animals.

UddannelserFilosofi og Videnskabsteori, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Antal sider63
VejledereThomas Søbirk Petersen


  • Dyreetik
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