An evolution of the public framing of stakeholder dialogue: An inductive analysis

Sabina Kunwor

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Stakeholder dialogue is a part of responsible business conduct and effective stakeholder management and involvement instrument, helps in achieving mutual agreements, maintaining relationships, which has been a pervasive phenomenon. As an effective tool to manage range of stakeholder issues, companies are engaging in dialogue and communicating about the practice. This study investigates how Danish large-listed companies publicly framing stakeholder dialogue in their annual report, CSR report and sustainability report over a period of decade, using content analysis. This involves analyzing, to what extent stakeholder dialogue is communicated, what issues are presented, the regulatory or voluntary pressure to report on dialogue and the inter-link between pressure and performance (reporting). The evidence suggests the optimistic and evolving nature of stakeholder dialogue reporting pattern. The study leads inevitably to the conclusion that the evolution on framing stakeholder dialogue is linked to external pressures (legislations, international conventions and standards, social obligations and stakeholder pressures, later is validated in the literature).

UddannelserVirksomhedsledelse, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato6 jul. 2018
Antal sider77
VejledereKristian J. Sund