ALT for Damerne Digitalt - Derfor bruger kvinder det. Kontekst, kontrol og identitet i det digitale kvindemagasin

Maria Padilla Arndt

Studenteropgave: Speciale


By the use of qualitative interviews and Uses and Gratifications-theory, this thesis investigates five selected female readers’ user experience and consumption of the Danish weekly women’s magazine ALT for Damerne’s [Everything for women] digital platforms: the app Flipp, the website, and their social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. The analysis shows that the women use the digital magazine to gratify needs for access, price, inspiration, diversion and surveillance. Moreover, three factors have an impact on the women’s digital user experience and consumption: context, control and identity.
The women find the reading experience with the printed magazine to be more gratifying, but accessibility and price outweigh the experience and are the main motivations for using the digital magazine. The digital platforms allow for the magazine medium to be used both sporadic and ritualized. Digital units in ritualized reading contexts are increasingly replacing printed magazines.
Online commercials, hidden algorithms and the merging of content from several magazine titles on cause the users to lose control of their user experience. Thus, the women using the app Flipp have a significantly better user experience because, because it takes place in a defined and closed setting. They have full control.
The study finds, that the less of a connection the women have to the printed magazine, the happier they are with the website. This suggests that the digital platforms can coexist with the printed magazine and successfully be targeted at non-print magazine readers, whereas the app should be targeted at print readers.
In contrast to previous studies, none of the women mention community or social desires as motivation to use the magazine. Only one out of the five women interacts with the magazine on social media. Hence, the magazine usage has become individual and singular. Yet, it is important to the women that they can identify with the content and use it in their everyday lives.
Thus, my findings suggest a contrasting and complex digital user experience and consumption of ALT for Damerne.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 okt. 2017
Antal sider173
VejledereMaria Bendix Wittchen


  • ALT for Damerne
  • kvindemagasin
  • digitalt
  • digitaliseringen
  • Uses and Gratifications
  • U&G
  • kvalitativ metode
  • interviews
  • digitale medier
  • kvinder
  • magasiner