Affaldssortering i Rønnebærparken: En undersøgelse af løsninger på tværs af motiv og barrierer

Alexandra Brandt Neiiendam, Rasmus Alex Sterup Dinesen, Kamma Aziza Strube-Weber, Louise Lund Larsen & Rikke Jensen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


This study examines possible barriers and motivations for waste sorting. It examines the
residents in Rønnebærparken, Roskilde and how the municipality of Roskilde can use this insight
of barriers and motivations in creating strategic communication in order to increase the level of
waste sorting. It takes a qualitative approach based on in-depth interviews with four residents of
Rønnebærparken and observational studies at the given area. Our methods and analysis are based
on theories by Peter Dalum, Preben Sepstrup, Ib Guldbrandsen og Sine Just, Cynthia King og
Sven Windahl og Benny Signitzer. Furthermore we place ourselves within the field by
comparing the project to similar reports. The analysis is divided into four sections: A document
analysis, a target group analysis; including segmentation and motivation, and an analysis of
communication barriers and technological and regulatory barriers. This leads to a discussion of
how these barriers can be eliminated through communication and how the communication should
be targeted towards the target group by taking their motivations and perception of relevance into
account. The study concludes that the three main motivations for sorting your waste is: economy,
climate and regulations. Additionally, the study concludes that the main barriers for sorting your
waste concerns lack of space to sort waste in the apartments, lack of information about how to
sort your waste and language barriers. The report thereby suggest solutions such as dialogic
communication in order to include the citizens, and an app in order to make information more
available and accommodate language barriers with language settings.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
VejledereEmma Christensen