Adgang til medindflydelse: En organisatorisk praksisanalyse af samarbejdsudvalget i Dansk Røde Kors asylafdeling

Jannik Boysen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis examines the contributory influence of the employee representative on the decision‐making process in the cooperation committee of the Danish Red Cross Asylum Department. The empirical foundation is twofold; constituted by both participant observations and qualitative in‐depth interviews. By applying the organizational theoretical implications of the Bourdieuian Praxeology to this empirical foundation, it is shown, how some of the core notions of the theory – practice, habitus and symbolic violence – are pivotal in regards as to understanding both the possibilities, but mostly the conditions of the influence, that the employees can yield in the cooperation committee. The practice analytical framework facilitates an approach to the cooperation committee, which stresses the crucial significance of the structural setting that is the organization. By understanding the actual practice in the cooperation committee as a correlation between structural restraints on agency on one hand – constituted by both the “cooperation committee‐agreement”, the symbolic power structures of the organization and the habitual dispositional agency – and the free strategic interplay of the particular agent on the other hand, it is grasped how the practice in the cooperation committee is somewhat solidified. The established symbolic order which is profoundly embedded in practice and therefore also in the perception of the members of the cooperation committee, has cemented itself, leaving the committee meetings in an absence of any real kind of decision‐making process. Thus explaining both why the meetings are focusing more on information, than on extending decisions to the employee part of the committee, and why the employees’ perception of contributory influence points more towards a matter of form than on substance or principles.

UddannelserForvaltning, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato1 sep. 2008
VejledereAnders Mathiesen


  • Praksisanalyse
  • Bourdieu
  • magt
  • felt
  • organisation
  • Organisationsanalyse
  • samarbejdsudvalg
  • beslutningsprocesser