A Road to Brexit: How the UK´s National Identity and Euroscepticism influenced the Brexit decision

Sofia Juliana Mata Chavez Koldsø & Lisa Hollbaum Redekop

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


This paper examines the possible social disintegration in the UK relating to the issue of National Identity and growing Euroscepticism. This is related to the UK´s 2016 referendum regarding EU membership which ended in a majority vote for Brexit. This paper is written through a social constructivist lens, where the UK and the EU are considered social constructions. By examining these social constructions, the UK´s lack of unity is explored in relation to how it has shaped the National Identity of the UK. Here, the paper examines the development of the UK as a union of countries. In continuation of this, the lack of a unifying National Identity is studied in relation to how it has contributed to the Brexit result.
The vote to Leave was based on a narrow margin in favor of disintegrating from the EU. This paper further examines how the UK´s lack of unity and inability to establish a National Identity was a significant factor in the distribution of votes in the 2016 referendum. The socially constructed powerful past of the UK has likely entailed a notion of exceptionalism which along with growing populist and Eurosceptic sentiments central aspects leading to the outcome of the 2016 referendum in the UK.

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