A Lost Generation or Agents of Change - Youth and Alternative Education in South Sudan

Mette Solveig Aksglæde, Anna Folgerø, Jeonghyun Lee, Sofie Viborg & Emilie Lykke

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project takes departure in wanting to investigate how youth in South Sudan can become an included and active part of the building-up process og South Sudan, which officially gained its independence in 2011. It is argued that if wanting to include the big majority of young people who have been involved in the conflicts and who therefore have not been able to participate in formal education, there is a need for context dependent education opportunities. It is also argued tht the government need to play a more active role in creating livelihood opportunities for the youth. The focus in the project is therefore on alternative education programmes and how these could be stuctured best in order to meet the needs of the youth in South Sudan. The theory used in this project is Bourdieu with his use of capitals and habitus as well as Paulo Freire, who deals with educational theory.

UddannelserBasis - International Samfundsvidenskabelig Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato9 jan. 2013
VejlederePaul Austin Stacey


  • Bourdieu
  • South Sudan
  • Build-up process
  • Post-Conflict
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Freire
  • Alternative Education