A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Crisis Management

Wazir Ilyas Abdulrahman, Sippora Louise Angela Pattiiha, Lingling Zhang, Claire Clemente & Jekaterina Flintsø

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


The paper focuses upon the analysis on crisis management. For the understanding of this topic we have focus upon the main dominant theories available on the topic. The main dominant theories can be categorized according to three dominant definitional camps: event-based approach, process-based approach and systemic-based approached (Forgues & Roux-Dufort, 1998). We’ve sectioned the theory into two parts where we first elaborate on theories of the combined event- based and process-based approaches. This part is based on the theories provided by Coombs (2007), which are event-based approach. Though research has given us reason that it may be rather seen as a combination with process-based approaches as Coombs’ approach also elaborates on the identification of warning signs (a typical process-based approach). This theoretical observation is based on articles, journals and books elucidated on different views. Secondly we will elaborate on combined systemic-based and process-based approaches: an alternative view that illustrates elements from a cross-disciplinary approach in which we focus upon contextual, cultural and psycho-dynamical influences. The elaborated theories have been used for the analysis of two cases in organizational crisis management. We have chosen the Tylenol case of Johnson & Johnson to illustrate good practice of crisis management, whereas the case of the Coca Cola Company in 1999 illustrates malpractice. We concluded that there is no standard way in solving a crisis, as every crisis is different. Relying on only one approach or theory may limit an organization in its actions, therefore having a broader perspective and approach makes the situational approach visible and accessible from different views and gives opportunities to manage a crisis well in advance and well prepared. Information in crisis management is a key element in acting accordingly to avoid mistakes in crisis management and prevent further escalation of the crisis.

UddannelserVirksomhedsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato18 dec. 2012


  • benoit
  • systemic approach
  • crisis
  • management
  • context theory
  • process approach
  • cross-disciplinary
  • coombs
  • events approach
  • organizational culture