5th Semester Internship at the Danish NGO Friends of the Earth Denmark

Yannik Boserup

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This report will concern the internship at the Danish NGO Noah – Friends of the Earth Denmark. The report should be received as a result of the main task that the student had as an intern at the internship venue, which was research, and write an action guide. This was the core responsibility for the student at the internship. The action guide was related to several of the EU’s free trade deal negotiations with a number of developing countries, such as Indonesia, Mexico, Mercosur and Vietnam. Furthermore the main approach of the analysis of the trade agreements where rooted in the concept of food sovereignty.
The report will try to address some of the most prevalent issues within global studies, which are also related to the internship and their work, mostly in connection to the before-mentioned action guide. This will be build on a link between the practice of the time at the internship venue, and the current academic literature on issues such as investor protection, alternatives to trade and global value chains, all within the larger framework of the current global trade regime. Investor protection, and alternatives to trade where both a part of the internship on an everyday basis. However, the lack of connection to global value chains in the research work, and its generally limited role within the organization has encouraged me to propose a larger role for global value chains within the work of the organization, and within the potential of economic justice in general.
The report will also consist of what other tasks where employed during the semester-long internship at Noah – Friends of the Earth. Researching and writing where mostly the main tasks. However, other activities included travelling to investment protection training in Brussels, and political work in cooperation with the political opposition of Denmark, in attempt to further the Danish engagement in the UN negotiations on a binding treaty on businesses and the responsibilities towards upholding human rights.
The section that aims to connect the practice of the internship with the theory from the courses of global studies at University of RUC, will display the students thoughts on how Noah – Friends of the Earths work can be optimized and become more relevant within the prevalent current trade regime, which seems to be an integral part of how our world works today. Because of this, the conclusion to the report will rely on the capabilities of global value chains to further the mission of Noah – Friends of the Earth, and make this mission more easily transitional to policies that are not to extreme, and thus might lead to more
influential work. Both within the information sharing with the general public, but also within the political sphere where the work of the organization tries to affect Danish politicians and members of parliament to change Danish policy towards trade deals and environmental protection, in the North as well as in the South.

UddannelserGlobal Studies, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato18 okt. 2018
Antal sider25
VejledereJakob Vestergaard


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