50 år senere: Ungdomsoprør i dagens Danmark?

Sophia Glerup Lehrmann, Rebekka Knudsen, Freja Manstrup, Sidsel Lauge West & Frederik Meldgaard Lauridsen

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


This project examines, based on critical theory, what society university students live in nowadays and how the societal trends affect the lives of university students. Last, but not least we are discussing what kind of youth rebellion we see today and why there is no rebellion that looks like the 68s rebellion. First and foremost, the university students in Denmark live in an accelerating society dominated by self-criticism, self-realization, competition and performance pressures. Society appreciates robust and flexible individuals. In addition, there are more and more young people in their twenties diagnosed with mental diseases such as stress and depressions, which can be a consequence of the very structure of society. The tendencies of society today are furthermore almost inevitable and thus in many ways totalitarian. With our focus group interview with university students we got confirmed with several of the factors we saw in our theory section according to social trends. Our informants’ discussions became the basis of the analysis, which focuses on performance and high demands, Social Media and self-criticism. Based on the analysis’ mapping and our focus group interview we saw four forms of rebellion among university students right now: The individual rebellion, the silent rebellion, the collective repetitive rebellion and the collective isolated rebellion. Our informants have stated that they are angry and dissatisfied with the structures in society. They believe that many people are needed if you want to change something. On the other hand, they feel that it is inconceivable to do something. They have so much else to deal with and what if a rebellion does not change anything? Then it would have been a waste of their precious, limited time. Our study states that the four rebellious forms are manifested in different ways in the society of today of which we believe that the well-established Green Student’s Movement has the best development potential for creating a youth rebellion in 2018.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Antal sider81
VejledereKlaus Rasborg


  • Ungdomsoprør
  • Konkurrencestaten
  • Kritikkens U-vending
  • Accelerationssamfund
  • Præstationssamfund
  • Oprør
  • Sociale bevægelser