Æstetik og brugervenlighed i webdesign, udarbejdelsen af en ny hjemmeside til Mad med Medfølelse

Anne Mette Christensen, Niclas Norby & Christina Rajczyk Ginnerup

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


This project is based on aesthetics and usability on websites. We established a cooperation with the vegan union ”Mad med Medfølelse” after we found their website to be insufficient according to the theories we based our analysis on. We made an appointment with the union which was based on the intention of creating a suggestion for a new website that would serve and convey Mad med Medfølelse’s message and visions in a more efficient way. We used a hermeneutic approach in our project, and throughout the process we followed the iterative model by Goodman et al. in order to answer our case’s problem: ”how can we convey and communicate the visions of Mad med Medfølelse through a website?”. The way we approached this case was by drawing upon theories advocated by Lisbeth Thorlacius which researches visual instruments on websites. In addition we drew upon Kim Schrøder’s multi-dimensional reception model. Lastly we included theories about web-design from Steve Krug’s perspectives which researches user experience. The focal point of the project’s method was to diagnose and test the website through several loop stages in order to optimize the website in relation to the feedback we received from potential users and the union itself. On the basis of our theoretical standpoint, the loop stages we went through, as well as the insight and feedback we gained from the the qualitative interviews, we ultimately concluded the process to be complex as we didn’t accommodate the union’s wishes. However, we chose to maintain our focus on creating an inspirational website for non-vegans.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
VejledereHenrik Bulskov


  • hjemmeside
  • æstetik
  • brugervenlig
  • webdesign
  • iterativ proces