Yesterday's slaves: Democracy and Ethnicity in Benin

Eric Komlavi Hahonou (Producent), Camilla Strandsbjerg (Producent)

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    This film explores the birth of a new ethnic group, the Gando. The Gando are a Fulfulde-speaking group of slave descendants that emerged politically in the context of democratic decentralisation reform.
    Today, Gando, who were once seen as a sub-group of Fulani or Baatombu/Boo people, claim they should be recognized as a new ethnic group. This challenging claim should be understood as a quest for a full-fledged citizenship.
    The film presents the testimony of a former slave. His personal trajectory is both singular and archetypical. Entrusted to Fulani people because he was suspected as infant to be a witch, he was then cured from his witchcraft and enslaved his whole childhood. In many ways his life reflects the historical process of the Gando people’s physical and economic emancipation.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2011

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    Udgivelsesmedie: DVD


    • Citizenship
    • Democracy
    • Ethnicity
    • Slavery

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