Workplaces with an Inclusive Profile - and their Everyday Strategies: Social Enterprises and Work Integration in Denmark

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This article shows how social entrepreneurship can be clarified through interdisciplinary and problem-oriented perspectives. Taking as starting point a case concerning the Danish voluntary social project 'Broen' (henceforth: The Bridge), we will define three interdisciplinary perspectives, which in short can be outlined as: 1/ a social and innovative perspective, 2/ an organisational, management and competence perspective and 3/ a participant perspective. These perspectives are central components of the new educational programme: the Master in Social Entrepreneurship (MSE) at the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Roskilde University. Thus, this article is an example of how social entrepreneurship consisting of practical and empirical examples can be comprehended and viewed with a problem-oriented focus and a theoretical horizon.
Antal sider15
StatusUdgivet - 2008
BegivenhedInternational Workshop on Ethnographies of the Social Economy - Durham, Storbritannien
Varighed: 14 mar. 200815 mar. 2008


KonferenceInternational Workshop on Ethnographies of the Social Economy

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