Who is to blame now? The COVID-19 crisis and its impact on unemployed people

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The Covid-19 crisis poses a potential game-changer on the labor market and perhaps in particular - for the unemployed. The activation regime that has come into being over the past three decades has been temporarily suspended in a Danish context. The surveillance and control of unemployed people are put on hold. Over the course of a couple of months, a whole other set of language about unemployment has been introduced. From being oriented towards the behavior and responsibility of the individual, during the crisis, unemployment is uniquely presented as a collective demand problem. Where does this leave the individual? The psychological consequences of the privatization of unemployment have been explored for decades but what does this turn in rhetoric as well as governing mean for how unemployment is experienced now? The Corona crisis is a unique historical guide to developing an enhanced understanding of the relationship between politics, morality, and psychology.
StatusUdgivet - 2020
BegivenhedThe Psychology of Global Crises: State Surveillance, Solidarity and Everyday Life: Virtual Conference - The American University of Paris - Virtual Conference, Paris, Frankrig
Varighed: 20 maj 202030 maj 2020


KonferenceThe Psychology of Global Crises: State Surveillance, Solidarity and Everyday Life
LokationThe American University of Paris - Virtual Conference

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Virtual conference. Abstract title in programme: "Should I stay or should I go: Unemployment & the big game changer during Covid-19"

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