Urban sustainable food policies in the making - in 11 European cities

Niels Heine Kristensen, Stine Rosenlund Hansen, Josefine Deleuran Boye Larsen

Publikation: KonferencebidragKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review

StatusUdgivet - 2022
BegivenhedAgriculture, Food and Human Values Society - 2022 conference: Cultivating Connections: Exploring Entry Points into Sustainable Food Systems - University of Georgia, Athens, USA
Varighed: 18 maj 202221 maj 2022


KonferenceAgriculture, Food and Human Values Society - 2022 conference
LokationUniversity of Georgia
AndetThe 2022 conference theme, “Cultivating Connections: Exploring Entry Points Into Sustainable Food Systems,” is an invitation to envision a more sustainable and equitable future by critically engaging with the histories and legacies that have framed agricultural food landscapes over time. Cultivating connections means that we are active participants, called to dig in for the preparation of building fruitful relationships with one another to foster greater sustainability within the food system. The food system is an intricate web of social connections, with each node of the web shaping how food is regarded, how it’s grown, how it will be distributed, who will buy it, and what its overall significance is within communities. These elements provide entry points for conversation, reconciliation, and action toward building stronger, more sustainable connections within the food system. Participants are invited to engage in conversations about changes to the current agri-food paradigm to better represent and advocate for a more just and equitable food system – from farm to fork – that strengthens community viability, food security, and the sovereignty of all people.

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