Urban food policies in the making

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Urban Food Policy is an emerging field within research and practice, supported by initiatives such as the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, which, since its beginning in 2015, has been signed by 211 cities and aims to develop sustainable food systems. Urban Food Policies engage with new socio-ecological transformations entering long lasting agrifood networks. Urban actors from a variety of settings and organisations are getting involved in establishing new food systems - be they market, policy, governance or value oriented. However, many cities struggle with questions of how to involve such multistakeholder groups: which participatory methods to use and how to integrate their often inconsistent perspectives in an overall, holistic food policy. The measures the cities apply to food and meal policies, cover a range of focus points, from holistic aims integrating climate policies, sustainability policies and health and nutrition policies, to more narrow/focused policies targeting school garden and school food initiatives. This paper will present the preliminary findings from the European H2020 project Food Trails and the initial mappings of the food strategies and policies in a selected part of the 11 participating cities.
StatusUdgivet - 2021
BegivenhedThe Roskilde Academic Conference at Grasp 2021: Sustainable Governance and Innovation in Turbulent Times - Musicon, Roskilde, Danmark
Varighed: 18 nov. 202120 nov. 2021
https://events.ruc.dk/roskilde-conference-2021/www.graspfesti%EF%BB%BFval.dk%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BF (Program for the academic conference at GRASP 2021)


KonferenceThe Roskilde Academic Conference at Grasp 2021
AndetRoskilde Universitet faciliterer to innovations-labs, hvor vi ønsker at invitere forskere, studerende og praktikere til sammen at udtænke nye løsninger på aktuelle problemer.<br/>De to labs vil blive afholdt fredag d. 19. november på Musicon, Roskilde. Du kan se Roskilde Universitets fulde programbidrag på konferencesiden: https://events.ruc.dk/roskilde-conference.../program-content<br/>• Mød lektor fra Roskilde Universitet Silas Harrebye og professor Stephen Duncombe fra New York University til: 'Stimulating the political imagination - A collaborative experimental design'.<br/>• Mød professor Linda Lundgaard Andersen, lektor Jennifer Eschweiler, lektor Jonas Egmose og lektor Stefan Gaarsmand Andersen fra Roskilde Universitet til: 'Regenerative agriculture, local values and social enterpreneurship: Mobilising urban-rural connections and initiatives'.

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