Undersøgelse af vandrefalkebestanden i Sydgrønland: Feltrapport 1996

Knud Falk, Søren Møller

    Publikation: Working paperForskning


    This report presents results from the fifteenth field season of the project 'Investigations of the Peregrine Falcon population in South Greenland'. Since 1985, the effort has been concentrated on aquiring data on breeding female turnover by banding and annual recaptures at the breeding sites. Overall, we have made 76 identifications of 43 individual breeding females. Raw data suggest an annual average turnover of 34% (range 14-63%) among breeding females. This estimate may be too high due to the possibility of indiviual females moving out of the survey area. When corrected for possible movements the turnover remains high at 33%. In addition, data on breeding success and band recoveries are presented: on average (1981-96) the falcons produced 2.9 young per successful pair (3.0 in 1996), and 1.6 young per occupied territory (1.6 in 1996). Both adult female turnover and breeding success are among the highest known for peregrine falcons.

    Antal sider10
    StatusUdgivet - 1996


    • Vandrefalk
    • Grønland

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