Trivslens Betingelser - et speciale om undervisningsmiljøet i folkeskolen

Louise Veje Hvitved, Ditte-Marie From

    Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportForskning


    The thesis is about the at the time newly established law concerning students teaching environment, which has been the initial impetus seeks to investigate the teacher’s role in facilitating a well-functioning teaching environment.

    With focus on four teachers in a Danish primary and secondary school (folkeskole) located in a socially and economically advantaged area, the thesis takes point of departure in a best-practice in order to enable an insight into optimal conditions’ influence on teachers’ work with the students’ teaching environment.

    To pursue our research objective, we have employed two kinds of empirical methods; observation of the teachers’ teaching practices in a 6th grade school class, followed by individual interviews with all four teachers. The overall intention with the research has been to approach an understanding of the complexity related to the teaching environment and thus reveal the essential aspects that can be said to have an affect on the teachers’ abilities to create or sustain a well-being amongst the students.

    The research of this thesis operates according to a certain theory of science, the philosophical hermeneutics, and thereby follows a rationale thought out by Hans Georg Gadamer and partly Jürgen Habermas, where the primary accentuation is on the fact that a researcher’s biases have to be taken into consideration of the final results.

    The analysis discuss the acquired knowledge gained from the empirical investigations in relation to a number of theorists, who deal with issues concerning schoolteachers professional task, teaching environment, the importance of a parents and teachers’ relation, different learning and teaching styles, interpersonal relations, the need of recognition and the schools’ aim in regards to preparation of the students’ engagement in a democratic society.

    Following the analysis, is a presentation of a general understanding of the teaching environment in Danish schools. The chapter follows the theory of abduction and puts forward new hypothesis based on likely assumptions. The chapter partly poses searching questions and partly discusses possible reasons as to why certain aspects are experienced as problematic by the teachers and how these problematic issues can be a possible obstacle in the facilitation of a well-functioning teaching environment.
    Antal sider117
    StatusUdgivet - 1 nov. 2004


    • folkeskolen
    • undervisnigsmiljø
    • trvisel
    • folkeskolelærere
    • folkeskoleelever

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