Toward a 'Peace Continuum' Approach to Climate Security: Insights from the horn of Africa

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Climate change is a priority area in European and broader Western initiatives for
global security, with a significant focus on Africa. This paper argues that
advancing the climate security agenda in Africa necessitates an approach oriented
towards integrating climate adaptation and finance into a ‘peace continuum’,
spanning prevention, peacebuilding, and development. The first section reviews
gaps in advancing this agenda, notably concerning climate finance and the
prioritisation of conflict-affected contexts. It asserts that addressing these gaps is
essential for climate justice and for fostering partnerships in Africa amid growing
global geopolitical competition. Drawing on insights from Africa’s Horn, the
second section discusses concrete challenges and opportunities for advancing a
‘peace continuum approach’ to climate security. It underscores the importance of
strategic engagement and flexible, conflict-sensitive climate finance,
notwithstanding challenges posed by institutional fragmentation and conflict.
Recommendations are supported by examples of the UN, AU and IGAD
initiatives and case studies from Somalia and Somaliland.
UdgiverDansk Institut for Internationale Studier, DIIS
Antal sider26
ISBN (Elektronisk)9788772361352
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2024
NavnDIIS working paper series


  • climate security
  • peace continuum
  • Horn of Africa
  • IGAD
  • AU
  • UN

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