Three conceptions of the changing relations between education and work

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    Education and training is the key to transform the organization of work into more knowing work. This is a common assumption in a number of political discourses about the demise of Fordist, Taylorist and bureaucratic ways of organizing work. It is though not very clear what the relationship is between education and training and the organization of work. In this chapter I will describe three different conceptions of the interaction between education and training and work and of the different dynamics of this interaction. I explore the scope for education and training policy in changing the organization of work and draw special attention to the problems of reductionism and determinism in each of these approaches. As conclusion a conceptual framework is outlined that combines the three conceptions and opens up for understanding the complex interplay between the various types of dynamics at play in the relations between education and work.
    TitelKnowing Work : The Social Relations of Working and Knowing
    RedaktørerMarkus Weil, Leena Koski, Liv Mjelde
    Antal sider21
    UdgivelsesstedBern, Berlin, New York
    ForlagPeter Lang
    Sider187 - 208
    ISBN (Trykt)978-3-03911-642-3
    StatusUdgivet - 2009


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    • arbejdsliv
    • forandringsprocesser
    • policy-analyse

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