The State of Denmark – Contested Neo-nationalisms

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    One of the most important political issues in Denmark to day is the development of a significant neo-nationalism. It culminated at the two latest general elections in Denmark, which in many ways struck the left with surprise/shock. The purpose of the paper is to explore possible explanations of this situation. The paper falls in three parts. First we as a background discuss the issue of nationalism in the light of current processes of globalization. Secondly, we turn to Denmark and explore the dominant discourses around neo-nationalism and the way in which they are constructed in relation to external and internal Others. And thirdly, we argue that in order to understand the present situation, a much more differentiated understanding of nationalism and its (re)construction in everyday life is needed. Such an understanding is pursued on the basis of an interview analysis of narrative constructions of nationalism conducted in a medium-sized Danish town. This analysis is taken as the background for discussing universal and particular explanations of the present prosperity of nationalism in Denmark.
    StatusUdgivet - 2005
    Begivenhed4th international conference of critical Geography, - Mexoco City, Mexico
    Varighed: 8 jan. 200512 jan. 2005


    Konference4th international conference of critical Geography,
    ByMexoco City

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