The Role of Ethnography in the Organizational Implementation of IT

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    Ethnographic research in design often focus on the initial analysis of existing work practices in order to inform the subsequent design and implementation of new information technologies (IT). However, ethnography also may prove efficient in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating changes to work practices that emerge from using the IT system. In this article we investigate how nurses’ work was affected by the introduction of a large, shared Electronic Health Record (EHR) display in two highly collaborative work situations: the nursing handover and the interdisciplinary team conference where all clinicians attending the present shift are present. The use of a large, shared display led to unanticipated and interesting new ways of collaboration among the nurses and between nurses and physicians. Evaluations of the initial use of new IT can establish a potentially important role for ethnography within iterative approaches to design as well as within the organizational implementation of IT.

    TidsskriftuiGarden [Online]
    StatusUdgivet - 2 aug. 2008

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