The post-secular city: An emergent international culture?

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    Spaces of post-secular engagement
    Session for the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., United States, 14-18 April 2010

    The post-secular city: An emergent international culture?
    Anni Greve,
    The post-secular city is an emergent intellectual field which calls for reconsiderations of well established research on religion in modern society. This paper presentation takes up the challenge from four angles. First it offers an argument for studying the return of religions from the view of the modern secularized individual. It is an angle already touched upon in research on trans-national identity making (Fortier 2002). This paper suggests a displacement of focus from trans-national to international identity making and the possible role of religious societies. It is argued that an international culture is not mainstream culture however there are (universal) elements in ritual and ceremonies. Second, emergent spaces of post-secular practices are not only connected to traditional religious sites. With Schmautz (1998) it is necessary to understand a sacred site in its original social and cultural setting, and in the present experience of it. With a point of departure in cultural trauma theory (Alexander 2003) the paper calls attention to the ability of a site to offer a framework (in terms of meta narrative and ritual choreography) within which each story gains new meaning (Greve 2006). Against the idea that ‘political and ideological differences are put aside’ the paper argues for a possible potential of storytelling and mutual recognition. Third, it offers an argument for detecting ‘post-secular sites’ at the urban level from two angles: From architecture (the iconic consciousness) and from performance (the sacred drama). Fourth, the paper closes with a case study of sacred places in modern Tokyo.
    Publikationsdato14 apr. 2010
    StatusUdgivet - 14 apr. 2010
    BegivenhedAssociation of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2010 - Washington, DC, USA
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    KonferenceAssociation of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2010
    ByWashington, DC

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