The Afterlife of tourism between emotion and motion

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    Tourist experiences are often assumed to take place in particular times and spaces detached from people's everyday lives. Recent ethnographic inspired studies of tourists have shown the many ways in which tourist performances intertwine with tourists' everyday lives. This paper is part of a wider research project in which we explore the intersections between tourism and the everyday in the performances and practices of ‘ordinary' tourists traveling to Turkey and Egypt while on holiday and at home (Haldrup and Larsen 2009). Although theories and studies have emphasized the habitual character of most tourist performances, the bulk of literature still tends to focus on the roles, norms, habits, imaginations, routines people bring with them and enact at ‘tourist places' (such as beaches, bars, famous attractions, heritage sites, theme parks and so on). This paper reverses this approach by focusing on the many ways in which the experiences of tourism enters into people's everyday lives after returning from their holiday and resurrect tourist emotions, dreams, fantasies and social networks. Focusing on the material culture of tourism (Haldrup and Larsen 2006), we acknowledge that tourism is a thoroughly ‘thingified' form of cultural consumption and argues that research should engage in following the flows of such objects and how they ‘move and change through transposition and translation, transformation and transmogrification' (Lash and Lury 2007: 5). We view tourists not only as consumers or/and interpreters of cultural objects but as producers, circulators and users. Through post-travel ethnographies in people's private homes we trace out the afterlife of souvenirs and photographs and how ‘ordinary' tourists circulate and exhibit them. By doing this we show how tourist experiences live a long and complex afterlife as integrated parts of people's everyday worlds and emotional lives
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    BegivenhedMotion and Emotion within Place - Århus, Danmark
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    KonferenceMotion and Emotion within Place

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