Technology for small-scale farmers doubles crop yield - Stepping stones on the road to food security in Ghana

Mathias Neumann Andersen, Emmanuel Arthur, Simon Bolwig

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Agricultural production in Ghana falls seriously short of its very high potential. This counteracts efforts to create employment in rural areas, to feed a growing population, and to protect natural habitats. New research on sustainable intensification shows that resources are available in smallholder agriculture that can at least double yield. Making and using biocharas soil amendment -from waste products such as straw -increased soil fertility and dwindled greenhouse gas emissions. The new research also finds that combined with irrigation, one or two additional crop seasons per year could be completed, and yield increases up to five times be achieved. Through joint research efforts between Ghanaian and Danish Universities, tools that are affordable for small-scale farmers for making biocharand for irrigation were developed and tested. The test showed that the systems are profitable. However, for small-scale farmers there are serious obstacles in terms of access to credit and service of the equipment that need to be better organized and overcome. This is crucial since small-scale farming will be dominating the food production in Ghana in the foreseeable future.
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StatusUdgivet - 2020
Udgivet eksterntJa

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