SPECIAL SOC AMR Curriculum: Training social scientists on social dimensions of AMR

Daniel de Vries (AIGHD); Karlijn Hofstraat (AIGHD); Stephanie Begemann (University of Wageningen); Clare Chandler (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine [LSHTM]); Nicolas Fortané (French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment [INRAE]); Helen Lambert (University of Bristol); Louise Munkholm (Roskilde University); Carla Rodrigues (University of Bristol/Amsterdam); Constance Schultz (AIGHD).

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportFormidling


The Special-SOC AMR training curriculum is an intended resource for trainers who aim to provide a high-level training on the relevance of social sciences in AMR to scholars or professionals with a university level social science background. It is presumed that participants of the training are interested in integrating knowledge on AMR in their professional or academic practice. With the curriculum documents, an experienced trainer or team of interdisciplinary teachers, will be able to organize a training. The training consists out of a set of training modules that total five days of training. The training modules are arranged from a micro to a macro level. Because interdisciplinarity is a key skill needed to work in the field of AMR, One Health is used as an integrative analytical framework.
StatusUdgivet - 17 nov. 2020

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