South Greenland Peregrine Falcon population monitoring data (1981-2021)

Falk Knud (Producent), Soren Moller (Producent)

    Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformDatasætForskning


    The Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus tundrius) population in South Greenland has been monitored annually 1981-2021 (except 1993, 2004 and 2020). At visits to known breeding sites we recorded presence/absence of territorial falcons as well as their breeding outputs (number of eggs and/or young).

    The file named S_Greenland_Peregrine_monitoring_data-1981-2021.csv contains the raw data from 835 site checks (sometimes several per site per year).

    The file named S_Greenland_Summary_occupancy_and_productivity-1981-2021.csv contains a summary of the raw data, providing annual estimates of occupancy, productivity and average brood size (young/ successful nest).

    The respective ReadMe files specify the contents.
    Publikationsdato22 nov. 2021
    StatusUdgivet - 22 nov. 2021


    • Falco peregrinus
    • Greenland
    • Arctic
    • Occupancy
    • Breeding Success
    • Birds
    • Brood Size

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