Social and Labour market policy: the basics

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Social and Labour Market Policy: The Basics is an engaging and accessible introduction to the subject, which explores the broad historical, social and economic factors which have affected the differing types of social and labour market policies found in welfare states. Drawing links between social policy and labour market policy the book explores key introductory topics including:

Defining what we mean when we speak of social policy and labour market policy
Historical origins including Bismarckian and Beveridgian reforms
The range of social issues social policy aims to address, e.g. housing policy and child provision
Showing how social policy enhances well-being
Ideas and ideology and the effects of globalisation
The functioning of the labour market.

Social and Labour Market Policy: The Basics provides readers with an understanding of their importance to the development of contemporary society. This book is suitable for students of social policy as well as students taking a social policy module as part of a wider course within politics, social work, health care, sociology and economics. Researchers interested in the field will also benefit from reading this book.
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StatusUdgivet - feb. 2018
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