Rural Urbanism? About urbanits moving to the countryside

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    I whish to present a part of the analytical framework for the empirical studies of my Ph.D. project titled: Rural Urbanism? A qualitative study of the everyday lives, mobility patterns and practiced constructions of place and nature, that are characteristic of urbanites moving to the countryside. The urban-rural field is marked by a dichotomist thinking where everyday life in the countryside is often conceived in contrast to life in the city. Focusing on narratives from urban-rural migrants I whish to discuss how everyday life in the country should rather be regarded in relation and complementarity to the city, and the concept of rhythm is employed as an analytical tool in order to avoid, or mediate, the urban-rural dichotomies. By thinking time-space relations in terms of rhythms I whish to try to capture the specific combinations of everyday experiences and practices such as for example high and low tempo, inside and outside, movement and fixity, work and leisure etc. One of the objectives is to consider if the narratives and rhythmanalyses somehow reflect any related matters of lifestyle, and whether there are specific characteristics distinguishing certain rural rhythms.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2008
    BegivenhedAAG Annual Meeting 2008 - Boston, USA
    Varighed: 15 apr. 200819 apr. 2008


    KonferenceAAG Annual Meeting 2008

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