Researching wicked problems in a construction project

Peter Holm Jacobsen

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    Finding ones way through empirical research in a construction project can be a challenging affair. Reflections about the uncertainty that relates to the researchers work when he/she is collecting data and construction knowledge in empirical studies of construction projects, is an area that could be elaborated more upon (Pink et. al., 2010). Getting access, formulating strategies for analyses, finding concepts and selecting methods such as participant observations and interviews are often problematic aspects, that influences the knowledge that researchers produces in a number of ways that relates to empirical research.I will argue that uncertainty is an important aspect of doing empirical research because the empirical research is a part of a situated learning process and that uncertain situations are a central part of conducting empirical research.I will use an example from my study of the early phases of a construction project – a process competition - to argue why I think it is important and valuable to reflect upon how researchers learn when she/he participate in social practices.My perspective on the researchers role is inspired by social practice theory such as theories of situated learning (Lave, 1988) and critical psychology (Axel, 2002; Dreier, 2008; Højholt & Kousholt, 2011). Situated learning theories have developed some valuable methodologies that can be used to study learning as an aspect of social practices and critical psychology have expanded theories of situated learning by arguing that the researcher is learning in the social practices that are being researched.
    Publikationsdato21 nov. 2013
    StatusUdgivet - 21 nov. 2013
    BegivenhedCliByg Annual Workshhop 2013: Center for Management Studies in the Building Process - Schæffergården, Jægersborg, København, Danmark
    Varighed: 20 nov. 201322 nov. 2013


    WorkshopCliByg Annual Workshhop 2013
    LokationSchæffergården, Jægersborg


    • Methodology, learning

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