Reflexively exploring knowledge and power in collaborative research

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The proposed workshop will take its starting point in the challenges which collaborative research practices share. The aim of the workshop is to work with, and further develop, a range of critical, reflexive strategies for understanding, analysing and dealing with those challenges. The workshop will be designed in order to stimulate dialogue across different analytical perspectives and empirical research. The analytical perspectives on which facilitation will be based are rooted in social constructionist approaches to dialogic communication theory and action research.

The challenges of collaborative research stem from the methodological, epistemological and ethical problems and dilemmas that are inherent in collaborative knowledge production and communication and which relate to the inexorable workings of knowledge/power. The problems and dilemmas arise in the meeting between participants’ multiple knowledge forms, knowledge interests and wishes as to the research outcome. In official policy discourse and research practices, a positive picture is often painted of dialogue as a site for mutual learning on the basis of the different knowledge forms that the different participants bring with them. The realities of dialogic practices are much more complex and fraught with tensions. There are, for instance, tensions between the instrumental use of dialogue to achieve pre-defined research goals, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, dialogue as a basis for co-producing knowledge through processes of mutual learning. There are also tensions between processes of opening up for a plurality of knowledges and processes of closure in order to achieve strategic ends in the form of some kind of outcome.

The basic premise underpinning this workshop is that we as researchers can best deal with the complexities and tensions of collaborative research through reflexive analyses of how “dialogue” and “participation” are played out concretely in collaborative research practices. Therefore, the workshop will be designed as a forum in which we go into depth with the different problems, dilemmas, ambivalences, tensions we face in trying to do “dialogue” and “participation “. The idea is that participants draw on our own experiences and present different perspectives on the tensions that are rooted in our own practices.
Publikationsdato30 mar. 2012
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StatusUdgivet - 30 mar. 2012
BegivenhedEnriching Collaborative Practices Across Cultural Borders: Constructing Alternatives in Psychotherapy, Education, Community & Organization Development and Research Practices - Merida, Mexico
Varighed: 20 mar. 201224 mar. 2012


KonferenceEnriching Collaborative Practices Across Cultural Borders


  • collaborative research , dialogue, power, participation

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