Psychology students from Leiden University

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We are glad to share with our department that a group of 41 Psychology students from Leiden university, Holland were on a three hours visit to RUC Psychology department on Friday , 10.3.2017. The department is a valuable partner for students’ exchange , almost every semester there are RUC students travelling to Leiden. The trip was planned by Study Association Labyrint Leiden, and consisted of students at all levels from the bachelor as well as masters programs. A group of RUC psychology students Wiebke Sandermann; Emma Stinne Engstrøm; Mikkel Brilner Lund were in the organising group along with the study director Hans Sønderstrup Hansen and Rashmi Singla. It was an enriching experience for the RUC organizing group.
International coordinator for Psychology Dieuwerke de Groot in Leiden reciprocated by writing:
“A very enthusiastic mail from our students telling me they had such a wonderful time during their visit with you. Thank you very much for your warm hearted welcome!”
While Guilia van Wijk on behalf of the students committee confirmed the reciprocal positive:
“We would very much like to thank you for your guidance last Friday.
The programme you composed for us was really interesting, and it definitely gave us a good impression on studying at Roskilde University. We also loved that three students were involved, as their attendance made it possible for us to hear student's experiences firsthand!”
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