Policy recommendations: Covid-19 and labour migration in Denmark

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The Sirius Danish team (Prof. Michelle Pace and Ms Katrine Sofie Bruun Bennetzen) issued a new report to provide an overview of the main findings of the SIRIUS project in a Danish context. First, the report elaborates on the role of various actors in facilitating the labour market integration process of migrants in their host society. Here, we present the SIRIUS integration model which consists of macro (legal, policy, economic and social), meso (societal actors/social partners) and micro level (personal characteristics) features that either enhance or act as constraining factors for labour migrant integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (MRAs). Based on our latest interviews with migrants and social partners, we then move on to discuss the difficulties faced by MRAs during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Finally, we conclude by presenting our policy recommendations based on the findings of the empirical research conducted in line with the SIRIUS project and the resulting Work Packages 1-7.
ForlagSIRIUS Project
StatusUdgivet - 14 jan. 2021

Bibliografisk note

Reference: SIRIUS WP 7 Danish Report
This research was conducted under the Horizon 2020 project ‘SIRIUS’ (770515).

Note vedr. afhandling

K Bruun Bennetzen is a former Masters student at ISE, RUC


  • Denmark
  • integration
  • immigration
  • migration policy
  • COVID-19
  • labour market integration

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